I am Yarden Oved Meshulam, an illustrator and designer who uses
design tools to tell a story and record meaningful moments in life.
In 2018, I founded Kadya, driven by a desire to create beautiful and
meaningful home decor and children’s room items.

The name Kadya was chosen in honor of my late grandmother, who was wise,
intuitive and provided valuable advice throughout my life. The name also holds
significance as it is the name of a flower traditionally used in perfumes for brides in
Yemen, symbolizing love, beauty and tradition. This represents the essence of my
business, a blend of beauty and aesthetics with emotion and soul.

I personally design, illustrate and create all my products with sensitivity to the world
around me. I strive to find beauty also in the overlooked, and to create complete and
rich illustrations, while maintaining my clean and refined style.
In addition to my own product line, I also take on private projects for businesses and
individuals. The companies I have worked with include Castro, Sapir College,
Tempdrop and more. My portfolio showcases some of my designs.
You are welcome to reach out  and share your vision and story with me, I will do my
best to bring it to life.